The Pill
(Oral Contraceptive pills)

Our accredited pharmacists are able to supply the oral contraceptive pills (OCP) listed below without a doctor’s prescription with some conditions. The pharmacist will assess whether or not it is suitable for you to obtain the OCP from us during the private consultation. 


**A consultation does not guarantee supply.

Brands that we can supply include:-

Levlen ED

Microgynon 20 & Microgynon 30


Brevinor & Brevinor-21





Informations you may need to know:

- Only for women who are aged 16 - 39 years.

- You need to have used the OCP before and for the purpose of contraception.

- You have seen your doctor for a prescription for the OCP in the last 3 years & have had check up since starting the pill.

- The pharmacist may ask you a few questions regarding side effects or concerns from the OCP, medical conditions, medicines or herbal products that you are taking, smoking status, body weight etc.

- The pharmacist may take your blood pressure & pulse reading.


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